Piyush Harsh research & experiences
Research Experience
Researcher - Tenure Track
InIT Cloud Computing Lab, ZHAW, Winterthur - Switzerland
April 2013 - present
Mobile Cloud Networking Project, April 2013 - present
  • Development of a generic rating, charging, and billing service for cloudified mobile network services
  • Implementation of a CDN as a service over IaaS clouds.
  • Development of the overall architecture that supports telco+cloud applications.
Datacenter Automation, April 2013 - present
  • Automation using Foreman+Puppet and Vagrant
  • Consistent OpenStack upgrade policy

Research and Development Engineer
Myriads Research Group, INRIA Bretagne-Atlantique Center, Rennes - France
January 2011 - April 2013
Contrail Project, Jan 2011 - April 2013
  • Design and development of virtual execution platform for cloud services.
  • Development of overall Contrail cloud federation architecture.
  • Participate in federation security discussion with other teams
  • Evaluation of open source cloud technologies for inclusion in Contrail.
  • Support for open standards including OVF, OCCI, and REST.
  • Driver development for OpenNebula and other IaaS clouds.

Research Assistant
Center for OS, Networks, Security (CONS), CISE Dept., University of Florida, Gainesville, FL - USA
August 2003 - Dec 2010
Gray Networking, June 2009 - Dec 2010
  • Came up with the original concept behind Gray Networking.
  • Did background research on brain functions and organization.
  • Extracted computing principles shown in brain's macro-level functions.
  • Came up with a large scale hypothetical network design based on the Gray Networking design model.
  • Principal author of the seminal paper on Gray Networking presented at ACM SIGAPP SAC 2010 meet.
  • Collaborated with two CISE faculty members in formulating a research grant proposal.
mDNS: DNS Aware Multicast Session Directory, Aug 2007 - current
  • Researched multicast session directory requirements and its need.
  • Proposed our solution which is scalable, hierarchical and distributed.
  • Incorporated geocoding, developed hash-based routing scheme and the necessary data structures.
  • Developed the software demonstrating our research.
  • Co-authored several conference papers and developed presentations.
UF-IBA: Image Based User Authentication, Jan 2006 - Aug 2007
  • Analyzed security issues with text-based user passwords.
  • Researched user authentication system using images that replaces text-based passwords.
  • Developed a pilot system for user authentication.
  • Deployed and managed the authentication system for selected graduate courses at CISE.
  • Co-authored several conference papers and developed presentations.
Covert Channels through Time-Mix Firewalls, Aug 2004 - Jan 2006
This project was funded by Navy Research Labs, Washington D.C.
  • Researched and developed the covert logic including copy code structure, moving window auto-correlation strategy necessary for decoding.
  • Helped in code integration in Mix-Firewalled network environment.
  • Took part in weekly meeting with other team members.
  • Prepared monthly progress reports and white papers for the sponsors.
  • Handled technical queries from the sponsors regarding our design.
Other Experience
System Administrator - CONS Lab, Aug 2006 - Dec 2010
University of Florida, Gainesville
Responsibilities included:
  • Setup and management of DNS Server, Apache HTTP Server and Email Service using Dovecot and Squirrelmail.
  • Management of network infrastructure including domain address allotment.
  • Managed scheduled maintenance and critical updates of hosts running ubuntu, fedora and various flavors of MS Windows OS.
Photographs: Top-Left Clockwise - Niagara Falls in the evening; sunset at Cedar Keys; Lake Alice in morning.